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Women of Tumblr!!

I present you with…

"The Cure"

Courtesy of one of my favorite webcomic artists (back from when she did Dar) Erika Moen and her good friend Lucy Knisley.

If I was a chick I would totally do this.

If you would like to see more of Erika’s work go to or

Both are equally Great!

where do i get in line to get one of these

planned parenthood will do it, I’m pretty sure!

all I can think of is V/H/S’ alien tracking device

This is sounding like a very good option for me. Especially if people stop having their periods.

I always recommend this to girls who are looking for new birth control.

I adore how easy it is. The no periods is a plus too.

I’m a happy IUD user, but reblogging for the info presented here

one of my favorite webcomics

and i’m seriously considering getting one of these since i seem to be incapable of taking a pill every day without fail

I have this, and it is the most incredible thing I have ever had in my whole entire life. I love it.

I’m so gutted because I absolutely HATED my implant. It was such a good form of contraception but I pretty much bled erratically the entire two years I kept it in. Bleed two weeks, three days off, bleed a month, 3 months off, bleed two days etc etc etc

oh look, i have had this form of birth control and loved it so much i got it replaced. hell yah for 6 solid years of no periods. Wootwoot!

reblogging for all my lovely followers who may suffer from ovulation issues, regardless of gender. u m u

This is rad

I want!

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